“Butterfly love is similar to rushing water; it falls, it rolls, it runs away murmuring: it will dry up losing the source, born from a storm, it has its length of time.”
Pierre – Joseph Bernard.

Bai Mu Dan, or White Peony, is at the center of this fragrance and it gives it the perfect bone structure. Often considered the second highest grade of white tea it was traditionally produced in the northern Fujian Province of China. It comes from the top two leaves and bud of the tea bush, which can be shade dried and/or lightly fired. This gives White Peony a pale cup color and delicate, nutty aroma. The complex flavor is toasty, slightly sweet and creamy, with a clean aftertaste. It’s enhanced even more by the green slightly nutty scent of the hazelnut leaves.

Soft whiffs of Sakura and its fruity aroma that always signifies spring and the beginning of a new season is wrapped up with a juicy and quite unique scent of Feijoa fruit. An rare sighting in the fragrance world, I grew up eating it as a kid in the winter and its zesty green and tropical flavor always triggers good memories for me.

If you love a juicy treat cherry accord, this composition is for you and will hit all the right spots.


A scented venture born from the creative duo of the co-founders of global beauty brand Fresh, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, and hospitality expert Damien Janowicz, the Maker Hotel, a new hotel in the heart of historic downtown Hudson, New York. 

Home to a booming circuit of bars, hotels, and brothels frequented by tourists, the last 20 years in Hudson have been a remarkable renaissance, driven by artists, antique dealers and creatives that have made this city their home. And that is precisely what’s at the heart of the candle and fragrance collections of The Maker.

A sensual warmth of the skin between the sheets, early morning hours and sweet memories of the night before. The scent of comfort, of familiar muskiness and nowhere to be but in this exact moment. A soft buttery orris and white fluffy musk. That is the scent of The Naked. If you want the cocoon of soft fragrance that will keep you comforted no matter what, don’t hesitate to reach for it.

If you are in Manhattan, stop by The Maker shop, the bohemian chic atmosphere is woven not every object and every corner of this place.

PARAGON Extrait De Parfum INITIO Parfums Prives

What does serenity smell like?

A few things come to mind when I think of that calm stillness. I often reach for something that feels familiar and comforting, which is a particular note that always does for me. The soft, creamy scent of Palo Santo wood and white Sage, whose use has been secretly passed down through initiation ceremonies dating back to the first lines of Inca shamans.

Palo Santo has been used in Latin American traditions for hundreds of years to promote creativity, reduce pain and help with stress, while White sage is burned for meditation, smudging, and cleansing spirit and dwelling. In some beliefs, white sage smoke is believed to provide a barrier preventing negative energies from entering the room where the ceremony is being held.

It is no wonder that for the third pillar in INITIO Parfums Hedonist collection, this particular blend ingredients was chosen to be at the center of it. Each fragrance embodies a different facet and together they make up one beautiful sensory experience. Rehab is the Physical body, a promise of an ecstatic return to the pleasure of perfume. Musk Therapy is the Emotional body, a magical mood enhancer, paves the way to relaxation and state of well-being Paragon being the Spiritual body, a path of accomplishment helping the spirit to rise enveloped in positivity.

Paragon opens up with a zesty burst of Bergamot, soothing Lavender, and white Sage with a pinch of Pepper to add a touch of fire from the start. The heart is bursting with the juiciness of a ripe Plum, and Palo Santo is enveloped in the comforting sensuality of Sandalwood and Oud. The woods round the composition, pulling together into a warm cocoon I feel like reaching for when I need to center my mind and soul. So go ahead and spritz some on, you will feel transported to a place where stress isn’t allowed to roam free, and everything seems aglow.

La Rhapsodie Noire Parfums Dusita

A fragrance to celebrate a peaceful day in a cozy Parisian cafe in the middle of the 1920s. A cup of aromatic coffee, the aroma of freshly baked goods mingling with a soft whiff of a cigar someone is enjoying nearby.

I was honored to be invited to participate in the virtual launch of this latest beauty by Parfums Dusita and had the pleasure to smell all the accords separately and the final result. Each accord was so beautiful and multi-layered that a few guests mentioned they would love to wear them on their own! There is something incredibly transportive and so familiar about the works of Pissara Umavijani. A self-taught perfumer, she takes her time to meticulously build out her visions and inspirations into olfactory art pieces.

La Rhapsodie Noire Eau de Parfum is constructed as an Amber Fougere; it leans more into the territory of Gourmand for me. Quite a unique take on two familiar genres, yet from a new perspective. The opening notes are a bit on the drier side with a soft aromatic combination of lavender and sage that slowly give way to the heart of fluffy mimosa and jasmine on the bed of caramelized Tonka beans and vanilla. The woodsy base accord consists of warm woods with a slight resinous zing. A great release just in time for the winter season. I will be cozying up to it for many days to come.

Kyoto Diptyque Le Grand Tour

Diptyque sure knows how to create sensory experiences, and I truly enjoyed visiting their recent pop-up in NYC, Le Grand Tour.

Kyoto was an absolute highlight for me, a peppery vegetal opening of beetroot, mineral fog accord, and soft Turkish rose with dual personalities. One is green and earthy while the other is dark and rebellious; somehow, they both reside inside one composition and complete each other perfectly.

After an hour or two, you are left with a beautiful ambroxan trail and soft aromatic Incense. This perfume could quickly become everyday wear that feels calm and centering but has a prominent backbone.

Ikebana served as an inspiration to KYOTO, and the visual installation was centered around it. It is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as kadō. The tradition dates back to the Heian period when floral offerings were made at altars. Later, flower arrangements were instead used to adorn the tokonoma of a traditional Japanese home.

The most distinctive feature of ikebana is using a wide array of materials, including beautiful blooming flowers, branches, stems, leaves, and mosses arranged in visually appealing ways.

The installation was enhanced by a scent diffusing machine softly releasing Kyoto fragrance as a mist around you.

Anouche Scented Candle by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

ANOUCHE by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a mouthwatering rose jam scented candle. I am completely with candles, as they help me feel cozy, centered and transported. Quality wise, this is one of the best I have purchased so far.

Anouche rekindles the pleasures of the small apartment where Francis lived in with his maternal grandparents for a few years as a child, not far from the Chateau de Vincennes.

The essence of the aroma captures sweet memories of the rose petal jam, from Francis’s grandmother’s secret recipes. A smooth rose sweetness, touch of spicy honey and a zesty burst of quince. This is one of the best candles I have ever smelled and I wish it would be a perfume. Some day, perhaps one can certainly dream!

P.S. Another favorite from this line is the infamous Baccarat Rouge 540 with the smoothest amber and soft flowers, don’t think this fragrance needs much introduction but if you are a fan, I would highly recommend to get it in the candle form.

Nautica Oceans

In the midst of the golden fall I still crave the fresh salty ocean. 

You know how much I love the niche offerings yet I reach for designer just as often (it all comes down to the mood) I have a soft spot for any Nautica fragrances as my dad, uncles and most friends had at least one in their daily wear rotations and it’s casual aquatic and sporty DNA always brings nothing but good memories. Is it technically created for men? Yes, but that never stopped me from enjoying a fragrance 😉 

On this Monday morning walk, I wore the latest release Nautical Oceans, a new formula that’s completely alcohol free and is water based. Inspired by the life and energy of the ocean it translates its beauty with the smell of soft, aquatic, and calming sound of the ocean marine accord is blended smoothly with the atmosphere of the seashore with slightly musky and woodsy base. Composed by Patricia Bilodeau. As a yachting enthusiast, in the warm days of summer I never miss a chance to enjoy a day on the water and since we are are approaching winter in New York, I will dip into my summer memories until I get to feel that ocean breeze in my hair once more.

Tudo Azul Anima Vinci

Chances are high you have tasted a delicious caipirinha cocktail at least once in your life 

If not, you can start by escaping to Brazil with Tudo Azul. A fragrance inspired by the famous saying in Brazil TUDO AZUL – Everything is Fine Everything is Blue.
A sensory journey from the first sip, oops, meant to say whiff.
Opening of Tudo Azul are freshly muddled limes and oranges with brown sugar. The heart is the spirit of Brazil cachaca liquor, similar to rum, yet distinct for its grassy flavor. You are sipping this cocktail under the blue sky and can taste the salty air coming from the sea. The dry down feels like a sunset on the beach, warm amber woods with a touch of dry vetiver and vanilla.
Tudo Azul became one of my favorites this summer, and I definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants a delicious tropical feeling without any sweetness. The line offers many beautiful fragrances, and I will be covering the entire collection shortly.

Slightly Creamy, slightly zesty, delicious, and very memorable

Maison Sybarite

Conscious living, we are hearing this more often these days. What does it really mean?

I have recently fallen head over heels with Maison Sybarite fragrances and more importantly the entire concept of the brand. 

In the recent years consumerism took over the entire world, we buy things through a click of a finger via our smartphones, a device which became an extension to our limbs. We consume without a thought of why we need it, what is it made out of and how does it affect our world. We apply skincare without having a slightest idea what chemicals and preservatives are we letting our bodes absorb, we devour food because our bodies are manipulated into specific cravings which end up beneficial to multi million dollar corporations, making money on the fact that many consumers are simply unaware of the reality. Luxury market has chosen profits over sustainability for many decades and it’s refreshing to see a brand building their entire concept on the foundation of transparency, quality and sustainability in every facet of its work.

Using the revolutionary water based technology, (zero alcohol used ) we are seeing a brand for the first time ever to use the cleanest and safest ingredients and processes blended in the most luxurious compositions without sacrificing quality, longevity and beauty of perfume

Spicy Calabria is a decadent sultry and absolutely narcotic. Kicks of with a spicy ginger mingling with bergamot and limetta, it merges into the voluptuous heart of addictive wormwood. 

Buttery orris flirts with a spicy aroma of black pepper  

The base lays a foundation of smoky and dark labdanum intertwined with an earthy and grounding patchouli

Stunning work, amazing longevity and beautiful DNA of the brand

Will be talking a lot more about this house stay tuned

Maison Sybarite

Blanc Polychrome Atelier Des Ors – Champagne & Greasy Fries

Champagne, like all wines, is an experience for all of the senses – color, sound, texture, flavour and in this case the fragrance too. Tasting beverages with a goal of making out subtle profile nuances is very closely tied to the experience of perfume for me. Learning to recognise and define the distinctions in notes and accords – making associations, finding the right words – is what makes tasting wines and spirits so relatable and especially fascinating. Our brain has to distinguish between nuances of white, yellow and pink; between fruity, spicy and floral aromas; between subtle, delicate and powerful aromas – between all those different qualities that make Champagne wine so irresistible, up to and including its magical bubbles. It’s very rare that you find a fragrance that so closely resembles the most popular of them all – BRUT. That’s exactly what Blanc Polychrome by Atelier Des Ors smells like to me.

Fizzy opening of citrus fruits, it hides the heart of delicious green figs, slightly sour and tart rhubarb, aromatic lavender and jasmine. The dry down or the aftertaste is a soft sensual trace of musk mixed with moss. Wear it. Indulge in it. 

In the US we have grown accustomed to drinking champagne on special occasions and consider it a celebratory drink, but I urge you to take another look at it from a whole other perspective. Try pairing it with the cheeseburger next time, add some Parmesan fries and wash it all down with a glass of chilled bubbly. You will be amazing how well the acidity of wine balances out the fats in the food. I learned that trick from the head sommelier of @moetcliquot and she sure knows her champagne pairings. So spritz on some Blanc Polychrome, bite into that burger and thank me later!

Champagne has been around for centuries now and we have many historic sighting of overindulgence. Madame de Pompadour for instance, ordered Champagne by the gallon for her parties alfresco – her expenditure on bubbly says it all: at least 1,800 bottles of Champagne were consumed in the course of one masked ball at the Hôtel de Ville in 1739.

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